Providing pre-purchase inspection, records reviews, technical acceptances and audits of private jets, commercial aircraft and helicopters.

Ensuring sound transactions through professional inspection and routine maintenance chaperone. We also work with insurance companies to ensure aircraft are returned to service in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Vendor Due Dilligence

Over 60% of aircraft sales abort due to maintenance record anomalies, missed maintenance events and other delays.

If you have chosen to sell and experience a delay for perhaps two months that is costly not only through operational costs but via negotiation on further depreciation and loss of the buyer's confidence.

Records Presentation

If you have an aircraft, are selling or just purchased one then the records are just as, if not more, important than the actual aircraft. We pride ourselves on having the "books" present just as well as the cabin and so saving time and confusion in the process. It is a real "value-add" to have the records present well and maintains confidence in the historical ownership.

Value Added Service

Offering a third party viewpoint gives us a clear and uncompromised reporting position providing you with the best advice and solutions and also allowing us to prepare indefensible argument for dispute resolution when needed.

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Save money now & later

With our officer's reports and maintenance input scrutiny you will be best informed on the actual physical status of the aircraft wherever it may be in the world.

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Dedicated and informed staff

Our auditors are made up of conscious and dedicated staff with an eye for detail whilst maintaining a commercial view protecting our clients. The team come from a myriad of aviation backgrounds with experience of engineering, flight operations, sales and international registry requirements. We can assist at any level from a annual audit to a move from the San Marino to the FAA registry.

How it works

What we do for a Pre-buy and more;

The Pre-purchase inspection as it is sometimes called is one of the first and most important steps to ascertaining the current aircraft condition and its operational history. It creates an overall picture from where you can formulate the LOI (Letter of Intent) if not already in place and ultimately the APA (Aircraft Purchase Agreement).

On engagement Plane Audits

On engagement Plane Audits will provision our officers best suited geographically and with the most appropriate experience to carry out a full and in-depth Technical Records Review. We are a hands-on company bringing a detailed physical inspection of the aircraft. Sometimes these records are in separate locations due to the operational needs of the aircraft in question and we will provide a logistical solution. We will review, record and report on the following items;

  • Overall condition and appearance including paint and interior.
  • Most recent maintenance release and MRO authority to issue the CRS (Certificate of Release to Service)
  • All STC’s (Supplementary Type Certificates).
  • C of A (Certificate of Airworthiness).
  • All other aircraft documents, including but not limited to, Weight & Balance, Radio License, On board safety cards, tech log, AOC / Part135 (If applicable) and much more.
  • Repairs, FAA337 of any nature, cause, rectification, OEM approval and current status or supplemental maintenance inspections.
  • Analysis of any event or occurrence outside the limits of the AFM (Airplane Flight Manual)

Maintenance programmes

We check that the required or voluntary maintenance programmes are in place, what they cover, where they are regards historic funding and we investigate transferability and caveats if any. We carry out a fact-finding mission with the CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation) or other appointed department or nominated officer.

Years of experience

We have many years of experience dealing with aircraft sales, re-mortgages, valuations and periodic inspections from the shop floor to the initial issue of new aircraft type certification. We have worked for international financial institutions, global corporations, management companies, UHNWI and owner flyers. The reach of our officers to industry colleagues and organisations is a strength that you unlock when plane audits are carried out.

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It was a great idea getting Mark & Andy in to get us sale ready! The vendor Due Diligence was key to having the airplane in an acceptable condition and meant we closed in just 3 weeks.


Jeff.W. Dallas

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We bought an aircraft for an existing owner to go on the AOC.

The level of interaction and depth of knowledge was amazing!! We saved over $90k and got 12 months clear maintenance.


Austin - Cambridge

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I needed to refinance my aircraft Plane Audits worked with the bank to get them what they needed.


Andrew - Singapore

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I wanted an aircraft that was on maintenance in Tucson AZ, Mark was on a plane that night and report was with me in 7 days.


Anon - London UK

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FAA certifciation: Thank you for supporting us once again to achieve another FAA CofA for the EC225,it has been great working with you, and we hope to have another opportunity to work together in the future.


Tamara - Germany

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